About Dr. Gabe

About Dr. Gabe

I’m a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with an emphasis area in Multicultural Community–fancy words for people matter, not labels. I honor everything that makes up our humanity, Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, White, Disabled, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgendered, etc., etc., etc.! You are my brother. You are my sister. We are all responsible for seeing after our most treasured resource…Our Children.

As you peruse through “your” website and read and view others’ life stories from America, Europe, Africa, and all of the other places I’ve traveled, you’ll see just how “undifferent” we all are, then hopefully you will adopt my mantra:
“When I See You…I See Me.”

Dr. Gabe’s Bio

Dr. Gabriel Crenshaw (Dr. Gabe), psychologist, is an on-air TV/Radio personality, described as America’s Best ‘Lifechanger’ while serving a two-year stint as psychologist on The TV show, “Extra.” He is the creator/host of his own digital media program, Mental Minute™w/Dr. Gabe, and a contributing expert on various news broadcasts. Dr. Gabe has appearances on The Doctors, CNN/ HLN’s Jane Velez Mitchell, The Ricki Lake Show, Jamie Foxx’s “Foxxhole” Radio, and the UK’s the Lawrence Styles Show, etc. Dr. Gabe’s expertise is also featured in various print/digital media (e.g., International Business Times, USA Today, thedoctorstv.com, TVNewsCheck.com, Extratv.com Star Magazine, Orange County Register, Canada’s Cottage North Magazine, etc.).

A gifted clinician and educator, Dr. Gabe’s contributions have been honored by a number of establishments, including Childrens’ Hospital Los Angeles/USC School of Medicine, for his work on psycho-social factors of Spina Bifida patients; California State Legislature for SADA (Students Against Drug Abuse); and The Cancer Support Group/Ohio Chapter. Dr. Gabe currently serves on the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross LA/Santa Monica Chapter, and also as mentor to the Sons of Abraham, an LA, CA faith-based boys group.

Dr. Gabe pursued undergraduate studies on a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of Cincinnati while working as a musician. He relocated to Los Angeles to work with Gospel great Andrae’ Crouch and garnered a songwriting contract with Epic records. Enormously influenced by the work of educator/ entertainer, Dr. Bill Cosby, Gabe chose to pursue a master’s and doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

An Associate Professor of the Practice, Dr. Gabe is a highly sought after expert/ speaker/author who currently lectures neuroscience at USC and presents lectures in national/international forums throughout the world.

Dr. Gabe uses his skills to confront both clinical and social problems. He inspires all to burst through their wall of fear and accept their innate brilliance. Dr. Gabe is High octane! Tremendously insightful. And always authentic.

About Dr. Gabe

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